Optimum natural year-round conditions make a blooming difference

Long lasting picture perfect blooms are just a few steps away …


Clean your vase & remove the outer petals

To put it simply, bacteria is the enemy. It’s important you keep your vase and water clean. This is why you should ensure there are no leaves or other foliage below the water line.

Don’t forget to remove outer protective petals. Our blooms have travelled across the world, so if the outer rose petals are slightly brown then they have done their job well.

Tool checklist: Sharp scissors, sparkly clean vase, fresh water, supplied flower food and a loving touch.


Remove, Trim & Dunk!

Remove the wrapping paper, cut the stems at an angle in line with your vase and quickly place them in water to avoid air bubbles.

If you fancy, you can cut the string holding your blooms together to create your own work of art.

P.S Remember to carefully remove any of the leaves that sit below the waterline of your vase.


Heat & fruit kills flowers

We know you want your fresh blooms to be in sight as much as possible, but heat and fruit really are a killer for flowers. With this in mind, we recommend avoiding fruit bowls, fireplaces, radiators and other warm areas of your home (including direct sunlight).

Keep going... we're almost there!

Nothing in half measures, including our care tips!


Change water regularly & trim

Your blooms need to drink a lot of water. It is not uncommon for a large flower arrangement to suck up all the water in a vase within the first day or two. We recommend changing the water and trimming those stems by about an inch every 3 days.

P.S Room temperature water is best.


Add Floralty flower food

When you've used up our flower food and want to create your own, follow these steps below:

1. Mix together a drop of bleach or a clear spirit to help fight bacterial growth

2. Add a few drops of clear soda or superfine sugar to feed the flowers

3. Then crush a vitamin C tablet and add it to lower the pH


Let’s talk about waste disposal

Floralty box: Your flowers will arrive in a fully recyclable cardboard box, please flatpack this and use a recycling bin (or reuse the box for storage?).

Wrapping paper: Our eco-friendly paper is fully recyclable so please make sure it's final destination is the recycling bin.

Flower bags: We have carefully selected eco-friendly flower bags which are made from renewable resources and are fully compostable.

Delivery notes/flower care flyers: Both are recyclable.

Ribbon: Unfortunately, the ribbon is currently not recyclable (for now!) and therefore it belongs in the general waste bin.

We hate goodbyes... & your vase is looking lonely....

Check how many loyalty points you’ve earned and use them to refresh the vase!

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